Scottish Engineering Services For New Homes and Conservatories

New homes, conservatories and conversions

From full engineering consultation and build certification, to professional design, fabrication and construction. Ross Consultancy will ensure your project is built using only the highest standards of engineering systems, materials and knowledge.Structural surveys and design. Ground assessment and investigation, Piling, Raft founds and Steel support concepts along with new supporting Glu-Lam beams and Laminated Scandanvian solutions. We have contact and access to special expertise and advice.

Best practice engineering in Scotland

Employing only fully qualified and highly skilled engineers on all client projects, Ross Consultancy ensures your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Our engineering services are divided into the following key areas to maximise the quality of your build:

  • Consultation
    • We'll determine what you need and use our years of engineering know-how to make that project happen.
  • Design
    • Engineering can enhance design and ensure concepts are a thing of beauty, innovation and visible in its contribution to the solution. There are many ideas and concepts and new ways forward and we keep up to date and explore all the options to find the best solution that offers feature as well as the result.
  • Certification
    • All our engineering projects adhere to local and national government build quality and ISO standards in terms of materials used, standards of construction and onsite safety.BS and Sers and engineering responsibilities and assurance are part of the norm
  • Fabrication
    • We have expertise and contacts in the industry covering all aspects of build and erection. New concrete solutions. Timber and steel along with fabrication options to suit individual projects.
  • Construction
    • We provide unrivalled engineering skills and a consistently high standard of workmanship, coupled with an adherence to deadlines and an ability to run an ordered and tidy site (including meeting all Health and Safety and Public Employer's Liability guidelines, dealing with contractors and holding regular site meetings with building standards officers).