Construction Design Services

Tailored construction design services

Ross Consultancy's construction design services are at the heart of what we do. Our ability to realise your vision and turn your dreams into practical realities (with the minimum of fuss) are qualities that set us apart from other architectural practices.

Offering a personalised service tailored to the exact requirements of your new home, conservatory or listed building conversion, we provide a one-stop solution that encompasses every element of taking a workable, attractive design and turning it into a stunning finished build.

Expert quantity surveyors in Scotland

With 22 years of expertise in the construction industry, we know how important the surveying stage is to the success of your project. A stunning final build is always the result of preparing the groundwork with a well-documented and accurate survey before a plan or concept is ever produced.

We can also survey and design all surrounding landscaping and engineering through to drainage, ponds and water features. Dry dyking,walling and retaining wall solutions, decking and fencing along with Blacksmith support and designs for gates and ironmongery, steel works and balconies. This is organised by us through an associated family company - Acorn Landscape Development Services.

Our surveying and design service includes the following elements that are crucial to the successful completion of your project:

  • Construction planning
    • Making sure there are practical solutions to realising your design vision.
  • Cost management
    • Ensuring your build stays on budget and on time, and providing financial reporting as your project progresses.
  • Procurement and tendering services
    • Making sure the right people are on site to do your job, and with the highest quality materials at their fingertips.
  • Construction valuation
    • Assessing the value of the building work once completed, on an ongoing basis.
  • Agreement of final accounts
    • We have an unrivalled track record for quickly and transparently reaching agreement on the final costs involved with the delivery of your project.