Construction Design Services

Tailored construction design services

Ross Consultancy's construction design services are at the heart of what we do. Our ability to realise your vision and turn your dreams into practical realities (with the minimum of fuss) are qualities that set us apart from other architectural practices.

Offering a personalised service tailored to the exact requirements of your new home, conservatory or listed building conversion, we provide a one-stop solution that encompasses every element of taking a workable, attractive design and turning it into a stunning finished build.

Listed building consent applications

Converting a listed building is a dream for many people, but meeting the demands of strict listed building planning laws can be a major headache. Ross Consultancy's listed building planning consent service can take this strain on your behalf, ensuring that your submitted application looks professional and ticks all the right boxes to get your project passed.

With over 22 years' experience working with local council planning officers and local government housing regulators across the central belt of Scotland. We know what it takes to submit a comprehensive and accurate listed building consent application that will show your project in the best light possible. We have first hand knowledge and a track record in A. B. and C listed projects.

Submitting your listed building consent application

Working on listed buildings means paying due respect to their historical significance and maintaining the fabric of the dwelling in keeping with its heritage and cultural importance. This makes listed building planning regulations in Scotland suitably tight. That means any listed building consent application must be very well prepared so as not to fall foul of the relevant conservation laws,opinions and objections.

Ross Consultancy has a great deal of skill in finding the solution and ensuring the demands of bodies such as Historic Scotland and local authority planning departments are satisfied, whilst meeting the needs of specific client projects. From the initial preparation and submissions to discussion and adjustment where required we will endeavour to keep time frames to a minimum.