Construction Design Services

Tailored construction design services

Ross Consultancy's construction design services are at the heart of what we do. Our ability to realise your vision and turn your dreams into practical realities (with the minimum of fuss) are qualities that set us apart from other architectural practices.

Offering a personalised service tailored to the exact requirements of your new home, conservatory or listed building conversion, we provide a one-stop solution that encompasses every element of taking a workable, attractive design and turning it into a stunning finished build.

Premier construction consultancy services

If you're planning an extension to your existing home, perhaps a new conservatory or making adjustments to a listed building – or even if you're thinking of building your own new home – Ross Consultancy can definitely help.

With over 22 years' buildings consulting experience, we have delivered bespoke full service construction consultancy services to professional homeowners and blue chip clients such as the Chairman of Tulloch Homes, Grahams family dairies, Design works.

The full service building design consultant

Our one-stop construction consultancy services encompass every element of your building project. From initial surveys, technical drawings and plans, to submission of planning applications, construction and site and materials management – Ross Consultancy will guide you through the entire process of bringing your project to life.

If you have concerns about how to complete listed building consent applications, or don't know which style of conservatory would best suit your existing home and space constraints, or if you're just one step away from building your own new home but don't know how to turn your dreams into reality, the friendly team at Ross Consulting can offer expert advice and superb design and build solutions at every step of your project.